Contoh Alamat Web Mencari Jurnal Pdf

Contoh Alamat Web Mencari Jurnal Pdf


LETTER REDAKSIAssalamu alaikum wr wb.Puji thank God to the presence of God Almighty Allah SWT because thanks to grace and inayah His journal “Articulation” Prodi Education Literary Language Indonesia and Regional FKIP University of Muhammadiyah Malang has risen again in front of the reader Not forgetting our sampaikany thanks to the authors who has contributed his writings for the publication of Journal of Articulation volume 7 No. 1, February 2009 This Dear readers in this edition we present several chapters of several authors from several educational institutions. The first article from the Bandung Tourism High School “Building Confidence in Indonesian Language in the Prestigious International Relationship of Practice by Drs.Riadi Darwis, M.Pd Study of Manifestation of Gender Justice Struggle On Novel LayarTerkembang Karya Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana, Departure of Karya Nh. Dini, andSaman Karya Ayu Utami and Its Benefits for the Teaching of Literary Appreciation “by Dr.Sugiarti, M.Si,” The Emergence of the People of Hiroko and Srintil in Life as a Comforter’s Womens (A Study of Psychological Analysis of Novel Namaku Hiroko Karya Nh.Dini Dan Trilogy Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk The work of Ahmad Tohari) “by Dr. EkariniSaraswat, M.Pd both from Muhamamdiyah University of Malang.Next article from teacher and editor of Jawa Pos “Analysis of Tutorials on Film” Garuda in My Chest “Ifa Ifansyah Ekky Cintyaresi Sendilatta, S.Pd.” Postmodernism Study On Novel “Maryamah Karpov” Andrea Hirata By: Radfan Faisal, S.Pd. “Application of Cooperative Integrated Reading AndComposition (Circ) Methods to Improve Ability to Find Main Ideas A Text to Grade VII Students at SMP Negeri 3 Batu Tahun 2008/2009 by Sandy Farboy, S.Pd.Semoga this journal can be useful for the development of good science for the observers and literature as well as for the students who are pursuing the field. To the writer and observer of the language of literature and learning wherever we are we still open the fabric of cooperation and hope to contribute writing to improve the quality of the journal “Articulation” in the next edition. INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY ADMINISTRATIVE IN DIVISION 329-344PART OF THE GOVERNMENT OF JUSTICE DEFENSE AGAINST NOVEL SCREEN DEVELOPED WORKSHOP TAKIRIRISISAHAHBANA, DEPARTMENT OF WORKSHOP NH. EARLY, AND SAMANKARYA Ayu Utami “AND BENEFITS OF LIFE CHARACTERS PENGAJARANAPRESIASI SASTRASugiarti 345-361PERGOLAKAN Srintil Hiroko AND WOMEN ENTERTAINERS IN KEHIDUPANSEBAGAI (STUDY OF A PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF WORKS NH NOVELNAMAKU Hiroko. EARLY AND trilogy Ronggeng Dukuh PARUKKARYA Ahmad Tohari) Ekarini Saraswati 362-380ANALISIS speech acts THE FILM “Garuda in my chest” Cintyaresi IFAIFANSYAHEkky WORKS ON NOVEL Sendilatta 381-395KAJIAN postmodernism “Maryamah Karpov” ANDREA WORKS HIRATARadfan Faisal 396-414PENERAPAN COOPERATIVE INTEGRATED READING METHOD ANDCOMPOSITION (CIRC) MAIN IDEA FOR AN INCREASE KEMAMPUANMENEMUKAN TEKSPADA VII GRADE STUDENTS IN SMP STATE 3 BATUTAHUN AJARAN 2008 / 2009Sandy Farboy 415-433


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