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Banjaresse Culture of transformation and transculture of the pre-Islamic religious beliefs with post-Islamization. The contact between the two cultures resulted in a new Banjar entity that strongly influenced the values ​​of Islam and Malay culture. In art, madihin emerges as the result of assimilation between Malay-Muslim and Banjar art cultures. Madihin has similarities to the oral literature of Malay, pantun and verse, but it is delivered in Banjaresse language, with rhymes that are not necessarily following certain patterns (eg: must be aaaa or abab), no limitation for number of stanza, and not play a particular drama. The emergence of madihin is a transformation of qasida form which is present to mark the presence of Islam in the archiplego. The use of research as a musical instrument in madihin, similar to qasida with its tambourines. However, Madihin is different from the qasida whose lyrics are the verses of the song. Madihin is likely an oral rhyme and has not been concerned with the suitability of the lyrics, as an important conformity in the music of qasida.

The culture of the Banjar community is a transformation and transculturation of the religiosity of pre-Islamic beliefs with post-Islamization. The second meeting produced a new Banjar entity that was strongly influenced by Islamic values ​​and teachings and Malay culture. In the field of arts, madihin oral literature emerged as a result of assimilation between Malay-Islamic and Banjar cultures. Madihin has similarities with Malay oral literature, such as pantun and syair, but is conveyed in the Banjar language, with rhymes that do not have to be regular (for example must be: a-a-a-a or a-b-a-b), the number of stanzas which are not standard, and not perform a particular drama. The emergence of madihin is a transformation of the form of qasida that comes to the archipelago during the development of Islam. The use of tarbang as an accompaniment musical instrument in the madihin performance, is similar to the qasida art with its tambourine drum. However, the madihin is different from the qasida art whose lyrics are verses of songs, madihin is the delivery of oral literature of a kind of rhymes and a vocal verse, and does not attach too much importance to the suitability of the lyric verse with rhythm, an important match in qasida music.

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