Artikel Jurnal KONSEP BID’AH HASANAH (Perpspektif Maqashid Al-Syathibi dan Ibnu ‘Asyur)

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Her is the classic issue but actually to be discussed. This is the classification of bidding term still presents the polemic till this era. The different concept about this concept is unsolved yet. Adherent of bidah and repellent of each other's argument. The principle of their argument may come from hadith perpective, sahabah perspective (attitude of sahabah), language perspective, and also ushul fiqh perspective. This perspective (ushul fiqh) is the most difficult instrument to understand the substance of hadith, especially the hadith which talk about bid'ah. But there is a chapter of ushul fiqh which talk about the purpose of sharia, it was called by maqashid syariah. From this perspective we can try to explain the concept of bid'ah hasanah. There are two most popular theories of maqashid sharia from two figures of different periods. Al-syathibi and Ibnu ‘Asyur, talk in detail of maqashid syariah. From their theory, the concept of bid'ah hasanah can result the different view. Al-Syathibi's theory refuses explicitly the concept of bid'ah hasanah. Whereas in the Ibnu ‘Ashur's theory of maqashid, this concept still has chances to be justified. This article will try to research this concept from these two perspectives.

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