Artikel Jurnal Asal-Usul Teologi: Pelacakan Historis Filosofis

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This study of examining the origin of theology. In every religion, it is the most important element, because it is the intellectual discourse around the divinity and belief of that religion. We know the terms such as Christian Theology, Jewish Theology, Islamic Theology, Hindu Theology and so on. From here, how come, it raises the question of what theology is intrinsically? Etymologically the term theology is in fact derived from the Greek, and not to recognize the conception of divinity as other religions do. How can it exist in these religions? From this historical-philosophical search it is found that theology in its generic meaning is defined as the discourse of the exalted supernatural being. It is naturally in every society from time to time. It can take a variety of forms according to the religious tradition of its people, but one who organizes and manages the universe.

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