Artikel Cara Mencari Jurnal Di Proquest Pdf

Artikel Cara Mencari Jurnal Di Proquest Pdf


This study aims to determine the external factors as a driver of ProFest journalization in Udayana University library. There are also external factors derived from the expansion of the theory of Technology Acceptance Model consisting of subjective norms, job relevance, output quality, ease of access and clarity of terms. There is also a population in this study are Regular S1 Students (Minimal Semester 6), and Graduate Students Udayana University, with a sample of 100 people. While the sampling technique using technique Purposive Sampling. For data collection techniques done through questionnaires, literature study, and observation. The results of this study indicate that most students agree that external factors consisting of subjective norms, job relevance, output quality, accessibility and clarity of terms as a driver of the use of Proquest journals at Udayana University. Â Keywords: external factors, utilization, journal proquest, library Udayana University

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  3. Daftar isi jurnal biologi tropis Januari – April 2016
  5. Prakata Jurnal Teknologi Industri Pertanian
  6. Data Base Jurnal Teknologi dan Indsutri Pangan
  7. Islam in Contents of Jurnalism in Indonesia (Analitis Jurnalis Islam)
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